Aug 27

The Organized Grime crew continues to step things up moving on to Downtown’s newest and most up front venue, SoHo. The move also brings them to 4th Fridays, giving Honolulu’s underground music scene a nice way to round out their month. The premier event at SoHo sees Organized Grime welcoming fellow Pacific Junglist and Broken Liquid resident Victor J, who may just put together some of the most unusual music in Honolulu. Siq Records own DJ Packo is also set to stop by for an exclusive performance. New venue, upfront music, dope vibes always…don’t miss next month’s Honolulu Dubstep installment!

Victor J

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Jun 08

The boys from Dubzilla are back! After months of hard work, brainstorming, and networking, Dj’s Tele.Kinetic.One., JAMZ, and Thread return under their new alias Organized Grime to bring you the monthly that you’ve all been waiting for….

Speaker's Corner by Organized Grime - Flyer Front

Speaker's Corner by Organized Grime - Back Front

Over the last year, JAMZ has pushed the sub-frequency in Chinatown to another level with his bass heavy Dubstep sets. A major proponent behind the Honolulu Dubstep scene, if he’s not tearing up the back patio at Broken Liquid or in the bass den of Subphonix, he’s spending time designing flyers, digging for tunes, or crafting beats in the studio. Catch him this Friday as he opens with an exclusive Ragga-Dub set and finishes the night off with some str8 heat for all you Hardstep heads. You don’t wanna miss it!

If you didnt know, The Tele.Kinetic.One. has been making major moves on the forefront of the EDM scene in Honolulu. Whether it’s his radio show on KTUH, his record store on Ebay, or his monthly gigs in Chinatown, T.K.O. is consistently pushing the emerging genres of Dubstep, Grime, and GlitchHop to the hungry underground community. His sets are most notable for their intense energy and defined selection, pulling out the freshest unreleased tracks that he’s accumulated through endless hours of networking. This Friday guarantees to be a pleasure for anyone that enjoys quality beats with bass.

Artisan of the needles, Thread has been on the cutting edge of the Dubstep scene in Honolulu since its conception. Being true to the Vinyl DJ culture, there has been no record in the worldwide Dubstep movement that has missed this man’s ear. And Threads commitment to Dubstep doesn’t stop there, as he spends the majority of his time in the lab producing unforeseen dopeness yet to come. If you’re searching for the deepest bass you can find on the islands, Thread promises to give you that gut-punching whomp to keep your heads nodding all night. Expect nothing less than the crunkest beats and the fattest bass-lines from this man on Friday.

Speakers Corner is located at:
1121 Nuuanu Ave
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817

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