Jul 15

Pacific Jungle and Honolulu prepare to get their soul’s invaded by some LA goodness! Westbay Music Group and Nu Soul Magazine have joined up with Pacific Jungle to bring you the Hawaii Edition of their hot LA event, Soul Good.

Dress sexy! We’ll see you in the Opium Den.

$5 Before 11 / $10 After
21+ Welcome
9:00 PM – 2:00 AM

Located at:
1121 Nu’uanu Ave
Honolulu, HI 96813

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Jun 23

Pacific Jungle is super stoked to be working with Westbay Music Group and thirtyninehotel, as well as Nu Soul Magazine to bring you a little something different. This summer seemed a nice time to step outside of our little DnB Box and step into the sun with some extra fresh beats from all around the world. (“Don’t Sweat It” though, Saya says there will be lots of Brazilian DnB for all you heads to get a little fix while rockin your shades!)

Westbay’s boss-man, Atlantic Connection played Subphonix last December and loved Hawaii so much he’s here in Honolulu for the summer kickin it with the Pacific Jungle crew.

“I wanted to create an afternoon of brasil, soul, nu disco; good vibes, throwbacks, eclectic people, dope sunglasses & cool t-shirts. Over the past year I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Norman Mayers of Nu Soul Magazine LA (one of the most talented event coordinators in southern California) doing my LA event Soul Good and it’s schooled me on how to develop an event like this from the ground up. I got to Hawaii in early May and thought, what am I gonna do this summer? Being from LA I was spoiled with options, which spur ideas in places that aren’t so flooded with scenes, so I said hey, let’s create a day time outdoor party but bring totally new qualities and details to the event unique to local promotions. So I called my good friend DJ Saya at Pacific Jungle to get her input and advice on doing something like that here. We teamed up, scouted locations citywide and fell in love with thirtyninehotel – felt it was the perfect venue for this style of event…well here we are, ready to rock. . I can’t wait.”

AC and Saya will be your hosts for the summer with rotating residents including 45 Revolver, Ramyt, T.K.O. and Jamz. Special guests will be rolling through from all over to lay down some extra special sets, but you gotta pay attention ’cause we’re not announcing them til the last minute.

Check it all out online here:

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Be sure to add us to your facebook and your twitter as special guests, drink specials, food specials and more will all be announced the day before.

Things kick off this Sunday, June 27th, the official first Sunday of the summer and we won’t stop until Sunday September 5th. This Sunday, we’re all thinking “Summertime Freshness”, so dress and vibe accordingly.

RSVP to dontsweathnl@gmail.com to get in for FREE, otherwise it’s $5 at the door.

3pm-9pm, 21+

*Atlantic Connection recommends you all wear your sunglasses.*

Be sure you smile as WKPHOTOG will be on deck to catch you at your freshest!

This summer, we got your Sunday’s sorted. Don’t Sweat It!

Also, one last thing, YOU can come around back through the alley…

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Aug 06

It’s crazy to think its almost of the end of summer, but before the season’s through we’ve got one of our biggest and best Subphonix events of the year set for Friday, August 7th, 2009 at Mercury Bar.

Subphonix August 2009 Flyer Front

Subphonix August 2009 Flyer Back

Long time drum and bass leader in Los Angeles, DJ Machete, is set to headline the night. Machete has been at the forefront of the L.A. drum and bass movement over the last decade, and is well known for his direct involvement with Junglist Platoon and their coveted ten years and counting drum and bass weekly event known as Respect.

DJ Machete

Machete ( Junlist Platoon, Respect, Los Angeles CA )
12:30am – 2am

Jona Profile

Jona ( Grapevinez, Lets Beat Milo Records, Bass Dynasty, Los Angeles CA )
11:00pm – 12:30am

Jamz Profile

BillyZane ( Pacific Jungle, Honolulu HI )
10:00pm – 11:00pm

MC Enemy

MC Enemy ( Pacific Jungle, Audiolab, Honolulu HI )

$5 Cover All Night Long
21+ Welcome
10:00 PM – 2:00 AM

Located at:
Mercury Bar
1154 Fort St Mall
Honolulu, HI 96813

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Jun 30

Subphonix w/ Kause, Antikkz, & Jamz - July 3rd, 2009

Get ready for the next installment of Subphonix by Pacific Jungle, coming at you this Friday, July 3rd 2009 at Mercury Bar in Honolulu Hawaii, starting at 10pm.

DJ Kause

Kause ( Audiolab, Honolulu Hawaii )
After a two year hiatus from Hawaii’s Drum & Bass scene, we’re very excited to announce DJ Kause is back in action to headline Subphonix on July 3rd, 2009! If you don’t know much about Kause, you don’t know much about Drum & Bass in Hawaii! This man is one of the three founding fathers of the long-running Hawaii Drum and Bass promotion crew “Audiolab” in Honolulu, helping build the foundation for what has now evolved into a strong Drum & Bass community since its conception near the start of this last decade. This talented DJ’s mix of tech step and old school jungle beats make him (and his sound) an irreplaceable asset to those in Hawaii who want to seek out a comprehensive history of where the music has come from, and where it’s going. Having played along side such heavyweights as Ram Records’ Shimon, Good Looking Records’ LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad, Evol Intent, and Cyantific of Hospital Records (just to name a few), this guy knows what it takes to make your body move.

Antikkz Profile

Antikkz ( Pacific Jungle, Honolulu Hawaii )
Pacific Jungle’s longest standing original resident DJ sets the stage this Friday night with what can only be anticipated as musical excellence! This prolific musician / recording artist / DJ spends more time in his studio refining every aspect of his craft more than anyone else we know! As eclectic as his sound is (check out his myspace music profile here), this guy is notorious for dropping some of the heaviest, sickest Drum & Bass beats in Honolulu with surgical precision. Antikkz’s set is one not to be missed!

Jamz Profile

Jamz ( Organized Grime, Pacific Jungle, Honolulu Hawaii )
DJ Jamz graces the Subphonix stage with some of the darkest, most nasty Dubstep beats around, following what everyone would agree was Organized Grime’s widely successful debut event, Speakers Corner! This success didn’t come by chance, as Jamz continues to lead Hawaii into the great unknown of the Dubstep movement, alongside partners in crime, TKO and Thread. Jamz is constantly pushing his sound to new levels, and we expect nothing less this Friday night!

MC Enemy

MC Enemy ( Pacific Jungle, Audiolab, Honolulu Hawaii )
Come see why MC Enemy is known in Hawaii as the must-have lyricist at virtually all the biggest and best Drum & Bass shows in town! Boh! With years of experience on the mic, and an ear for what’s hot, this guy’s flow is at its best!

$5 Cover All Night Long
21+ Welcome
10:00 PM – 2:00 AM

Located at:
Mercury Bar
1154 Fort St Mall
Honolulu, HI 96813

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Jun 01

Subphonix has been going strong through the first half of 2009 and it just don’t stop…

June 2009 Subphonix Flyer featuring THD, Saya, TKO

Three local favorites are on deck this month to rip up Subphonix like only they can do.

Broken Liquid, Pacific Jungle
THD (The Hedgehog’s Dilemma) has been establishing himself as a staple in the Hawaii Drum & Bass scene over the past several years, sharing the stage next to heavyweights like Dara, Ed Rush, and Optical, as well as winning over the local heads with his eclectic sound, ranging from Liquid Funk to Tech Step. This talented DJ is as prolific as they come as he constantly digging for the best tracks out there (and we mean constantly!) to help you get your bass on.

KTUH, Organized Grime, Pacific Jungle
When TKO (aka Tele.Kinetic.One) isn’t in the studio hosting his Sunday Night show Inner Dimensions on KTUH Radio, he can be found out in Honolulu gigging the night or cruising with friends at an event. His sound and influences come from many genres, lending to his keen ability to keep things fresh on the decks. As both a devout leader and follower of the Hawaii drum and bass and dubstep movement, he’s in tune with the sounds that make Hawaii move.

Subphonix, Broken Liquid, Pacific Jungle
Pacific Jungle’s own DJ Saya takes on Subphonix after loads of recent work in the lab tweaking out tracks and fine tuning her recent mix CD release. Look for her and a free CD at Subphonix this Friday!

$5 Cover
21+ Invited
10 PM – 2 AM

Located at:
Mercury Bar
1154 Fort St Mall
Honolulu, HI 96813

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Feb 21

We’re excited to announce Circuit & Whizard flying in from Los Angeles to appear at our next installment of Subphonix on Friday, March 6th 2009. Saya is scheduled to open the night up and get things started.

March 2009 Subphonix Flyer

(Almost Famous, Studio Gangsters, Dire Clothing – Los Angeles)

(Studio Gangsters, Grapevinez, Drumz, MSL – Los Angeles)

These talented and prolific djs’ recent work together includes their VIP mix in MC XYZ’s popular B2B Sessions series, available for download:

B2B SESSION VIP – Circuit B2B Whizard w/ MC XYZ
Click Here to Download

MC XYZ's B2B Sessions Circuit & Whizard VIP Album Cover

“Over a year and a half ago in a garage in the valley of Los Angeles, the idea of the Back2Back Sessions popped off with MC XYZ going to DJ Circuit and DJ Whizard [ … ] who knew that almost 18 months later, with over 100,000+ downloads/streams and a household name in USA drum n bass, that the Back2Back Sessions would still be going strong […] “



1. In Love – Jenna G ft. Chase & Status – Bingo
2. Rebate 2007 – Taxman – Propaganda
3. Rock Your Body – Simon Bassline Smith & Drumsound – Technique Recordings
4. Show Em What You Got – Influx UK – Allsorts
5. Shock Out – Danny Byrd – Hospital Records > Marching ft. Dynamite MC – Zinc – Bingo
6. Massive – Capone – Hardleaders
7. Disco Dodo – Lynx – Creative Source
8. Different Drum (Photek Remix) – London Elektricity – Hospital Records
9. Macrophage – Mixmaster Doc – Brand Nu Recordings > Steppaholic – Subterra – Frequency Recordings
10. Wardance ft. Supercat (Serial Killaz VIP) – Rebel MC – Congo Natty
11. Weird Science – Danny Byrd – Hospital Recordings > Spycatcher – J Majik & Wikaman – Infrared Records
12. Alien Halloween Disco – DJ Wire – W10 Recordings
13. Judgement (Informer) – Chase & Status – Ram Records
14. Crazy Diamond – Aphrodite – Amix Recordings
15. Body Rock – Andy C & Shimon – Ram Records


16. Back In The Day (Instrumental Remix) – Ahmad – Giant
17. Hanging On – Atlantic Connection – Westbay Recordings
18. Memory Lapse – Cubist – Zombie
19. Regulate (Logistics Remix) – Warren G & Nate Dog – Bootleg
20. The Light – Brooks Brothers – BBB
21. Gold Rush ft. Brookes Brothers – Danny Byrd – Hospital Records
22. Come Here – Mr L – Mr L Recordings
23. The Key (Instrumental) – Lukeino – Life (Dub)
24. Red Mist – Danny Byrd – Hospital Records
25. Where I Am – Bungle – Liqweed Ganja
26. Creeper ft. Dynamite MC (Vocal Remix) – Zinc – Bingo
27. Monorail – Die & Clipz – Full Cycle
28. Soundboy – Clipz – Full Cycle
29. Bam Bam – Deekline & Ed Solo vs Sister Nancy – Hot Cakes
30. Roots Culture (Serial Killaz VIP Remix) – Dope Ammo – Dope Ammo
31. Indian Summer – Die & Clipz – Clear Skyz
32. Culture Riddim – Vital Elements – Zombie
33. Driver – TC vs Bulu Banton – Boot Camp
34. Jah Colors (Zen Remix) – Mutated Forms – Lowdown Deep
35. Tear The Roof Off (Twisted Individual Remix) – A Sides – Eastside
36. Ill Teknique – D Kay – Brigand
37. Apocalypto (VIP Remix) – KG – East DJ
38. We Fly High (Instrumental) – Jim Jones – Koch

Circuit @ Funktion by Bassrush

Whizard @ Muse

Circuit & Whizard – B2B Sessions Live

Don’t miss out on this special Subphonix event! Boh!

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