Oct 16

That’s right, Honolulu’s own Siq Records, one of the strongest independent record labels in the Islands, is set to take-over Broken Liquid tomorrow night.

Known for their strengths in Hawaiian Hip Hop, Siq Records showcases only the best in homegrown Hawaiian talent branching into other areas of electronica as well. The Siq Records family will be well-reprsented tomorrow with two of their strongest rolling through to rinse it out.

Risup myspace.com/djrisup

Risup, a bona fide legend of Hawaii Hip Hop will be laying down tracks and lyrics for some guaranteed Siq-ness on the back patio.

Cyrus-Fx myspace.com/cyrusfx

Cyrus-Fx comes on the truly experimental tip, bridging genres like a mad man. Expect some absolutely Siq-nasty-way-out-there-craziness in the front room.

Check out the full Siq Records familymyspace.com/siqrecords

Full residents in effect (as usual) and the Absolut Girls are back with free vodka samples! Keep your ear out all night for original productions by both the Siq boys. Definitely going to be another Siq night of Broken Liquid @ Bar 35.

21+ welcome

Located at Bar 35
35 North Hotel St
Downtown Honolulu

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Jun 17

Its hard to believe a year has past since Broken Liquid debuted on the Honolulu EDM scene! So, to celebrate a fun-filled year of good vibes and great music, we’re doing it big by inviting some of Hawaii’s finest DJ talents on the ones and twos, featuring both Pacific Jungle and Broken Liquid residents as a growing tradition of getting everyone involved for our anniversary events.

Broken Liquid One Year Anniversary Flyer Front

Broken Liquid One Year Anniversary Flyer Back

Front Room:

Anitkkz, BillyZane, Saya, Seeko, THD, & Toki

Back Room:

Jamz, Monkey, Sam Ondarox, Thread, TKO, & Victor J

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May 05

Pure Boom Hi Fi stops in to Broken Liquid all the way from Oceanside, CA to kick the night off with Dubstep on the back patio.

45 Revolver keeps the Dub vibes going in the back with his own island blend of reggae, dancehall, and classic hip hop he terms “yardcore”.

45 Revolver

Victor J hosts those two in the back and you never know what he’s going to come up with, but you can guarantee it will make you move your feet!!!

Monkey joins THD, Saya & Toki up front for some smooth Drum & Bass as we celebrate Sejika’s Birthday!!!

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Mar 31

Have you been out to Broken Liquid yet? Check out this promo video from our last installment on March 21st, 2009 at Bar 35 to get a taste of what’s going down.

Video include new Broken Liquid resident DJ THD, along with Monkey, TKO, and K-ING.

Make sure to look us up at our next Broken Liquid event on April 18th, 2009! .

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